March 24, 2018

   With the rapid decline of bees around the world, it's more important than ever to do whatever we can to help our honey-making friends. Here are 10 ways to help support the bees we know as little noble friends that would really appreciate a helping hand from you.

1. Plant bee friendly flowers in your garden (Please look online to see what bee-friendly flowers are native to your region).

2. Stay away for the use of pesticides and fungicides in your garden. Plants contaminated with this chemical will reach the bees causing instant death or worse, the bee can transport the deadly toxin to the colony.

3. Allow weeds to thrive in your garden. During early Spring many weeds like the dandelion are the only source of food for the bees and other insects.

4. Buy raw honey from your local beekeepers. It's always good to support your local bee keepers to help keep the beekeeping practices alive! :)

5. Buy any product from our store! We are passionate about the preservation of bees which is why we donate 10% of our net profits to amazing organizations like The Honey Bee Conservancy which help create safe, livable environments for bees worldwide.

6. Install a hive in your garden or rooftop. If you made it through all of our blog posts we can safely assume the bee situation has touched your heart just like it did for us. Installing a bee hive is the ultimate way to show your love for the beeloved bees. 

7. Spread the word & tell a friend. Nothing is more powerful in this world than a passionate voice so we encourage you to be the voice for our little noble friends who can't speak up for themselves.

8. Leave a water source. Just like us, bees get thirsty too! Especially working everyday around the clock. We advise leaving water in a birdbath or shallow bowl to help our friends stay hydrated.

9. Stay connected. The preservation of bees is a marathon, not a sprint. Stay connected and informed by leaving your email with us in the link provided below for the latest information on our mission to save the bees.

10. Educate yourself and your children. Last but not least, knowledge is always the most important fuel for passion. And with that, we will leave you with this amazing TED Talk by the wonderful Marla Spivak. Thank you for taking to the time to read our blog, Enjoy!