March 17, 2018

"If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live." -Maurice Maeterlinck

    What a powerful statement from a world renounce author, but is it true?

    The uncomfortable truth is absolutely. No matter how you look at it the world without bees is a grim place indeed. Our humble friends is responsible for pollinating 70% of the worlds food source. Bees make a contribution to almost every meal. The most important plant they pollinate is the alfalfa which is used to make hay, a staple food source for almost all livestock around the world. From cotton to Arabica coffee beans, the list is too vast to not panic! Imagine a world where our diet only consists of wheat, oats, and corn (the core plants pollinated by wind, not bees). The clothing as we know it will no longer be soft or cotton based, but synthetic and itchy. 

In short, a world without bees is living in a world without color, I'm not sure if we only have 4 years to live but it will be a life that has lost its flavor.

For a vast detailed list of the foods we'd be losing please click the link below: